What is Arja Cajo

The profession and passion of Viola Cajo, a professional photographer, who has chosen to combine the art of photography with the world of fashion, is contained in the glamorous, colorful, romantic and flowery world of Arja Cajo.

The Elegant Artist of The Soul

Arja Cajo is the world of flowers and their meaning.
Arja Cajo is photography.
Cajo is colors, brightness and lightness.
Cajo is love for beauty.
Cajo is elegance.
Cajo is one, as unique as you are.

It is the perfect union between being beautiful outside and feeling good inside.

Light on the skin but precious to the soul. Wears the magic of being unique.
Those who choose Arja Cajo choose to enhance their uniqueness. Those who gives Arja Cajo as a gift have a message to reveal. Choose between color, fabric and message and Arja Cajo will produce and package your personal accessory.
You will be surprised by the creation tailored for you.
You will be the only one to dress up your wish.

Photography And Love For Nature

Arja Cajo is a new fashion brand, born in 2019 in Milan.
Behind Arja Cajo is Viola Cajo De Cristoforis, a professional photographer.
Arja Cajo creations are therefore the result of an illumination received from life and a deep research. They are the possibility to present to the world Viola’s love for nature and the messages that nature reveals to us. They are an invitation to keep insight them and then make them fly away.
To enhance the result Viola uses the best fabrics in terms of quality and purity and the best printing techniques entrusted to the craftsmen who madethe ancient tradition, everyone are made in Italy.

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Pink carnation Elegance 100×200

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Nutan In fire 90×90

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Sphinx rose In love

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Orange orchid Fire 100×200

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